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Production-like Projects

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Production-like Projects

The objective of an edXOps® Hybrid Bootcamp is to allow the trainee to learn a best knowledge of the professional skills, new technologies, Software Product Development, and Application Lifecycle Management processes from workout program. It is certain that, the best practical online bootcamp in your career path is to get involved in production-like projects.

At edXOps® Hybrid Bootcamp, we will help you more professional by offering more challenging requirements and many types of software production-like projects on variety technologies or platforms.

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Training Programs

Today, many employees want their companies to provide specialization training opportunities, especially alot of junior software engineers believe that professional development is important in a career path. Therefore, they are expecting training opportunities from software development companies where they plan to join after graduate.

At edXOps® Hybrid Bootcamp, you can learn and practice on the production-like projects with the popular technology by methods of blended learning, hybrid learning, and the flipped classroom.

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At edXOps® BootCamp, you can now learn about the latest technologies and solutions and hear from our learners on how they have successfully built software application on materials of our Production-like Projects.

The PLP™ Series is coming to every body and here’s the best place to get started.

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Project Workout!

If you are a recent graduate or new comer of edXOps® Hybrid Bootcamp, you will be assigned a production-like project which match to your at least strong technical skills and knowledge. What environments and platform of project will you select and complete that relates to your learning path that help you to achieve the goals on your career path.

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edXOps® Certifications

Are you ready to build your future on the edXOps® Hybrid Bootcamp and get a prestigious Certification? Getting started to build your skills of Software Development and Solutions based on AML model with self-paced online training. Professional Certification of Software Engineering is motivating, let's come to us today!

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WHAT's Included in Production-like Project?

Production-like Project is designed as following six phases in every Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) instead of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) model. The process of production-like project is concerned with designing and developing based on a range of inputs into complete product that are required by the product owner or client.

The transfering of project resources to design and development teams who will carry out the developing processes include the system requierment specification, designs, diagrams, wireframing mockup, conventions, guidelines, documents and source code, etc.

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WHY Join a Production-like Project?

The goal of edXOps® Hybrid Bootcamp is to provide production-like projects where learners can practice and build a software product according to a modern process of software development. Every specialization includes one or many production-like projects, you'll need to successfully finish at least one project on specific technology platform to complete manditory assignment and earn a certification from our expert team.

If the specialization includes a separate production-like project at edXOps® Hybrid Bootcamp, you must to finish a series of the skills chains in Learning Path by join Bootcamp before you can start it.

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WHAT's Learned from Production-like Project?

Keeping up updated to the cutting edge technology, shown up superior customer experience and continuous innovation in the midst of uncertainties are the top challenges of engineer in the software product development field, software service companies, hi-tech start-ups as well as global businesses.

When you complete the production-like project and pass acceptance criteria, you'll get every skills, knowledge and experience and then can earn a certificate or an accreditation that you can share with prospective employers and your professionals network.

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What is Complete FACTORS?

The complete factors of a project are defined by different factors. They can usually be measured to determine the completion of a project. edXOps® mentor need to inform them to the engineers after assigning tasks and before starting a production-like product.

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What is Acceptance CRITERIA?

Acceptance criteria of a project are designed by various criteria and they would be used to evaluate the completion of a production-like project. edXOps® mentor needs to provide the criteria-acceptance before qualification of the product requirements and software architecture design and require engineers to adhere to.

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What is Project Environment Used?

If you want to complete one of the above project successfully, you should select one of the following platforms, then arrange your time and keep an eye on the deadlines. That is where setting project milestones can help you learn experience from this project efficiently.

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Message from edXOps® Experts

At edXOps® Hybrid Bootcamp, the advantages of practical work are unmatched benefits especially in software development industry. So, our production-like projects are designed to accelerate fostering the specialty knowledge and bring change management agility, which can be helping you to transform experiences of production-like projects into the real environment by applying most complex of software engineering challenges.

The only way to get better in your career-pathway is learning and practicing, and edXOps® Expert Teams come from High-Tech organizations of America, Japan, India, Singapore, China and Vietnam will help you learn from the basics to advanced in computer science field and also help you more professional in processes of Software Product Development and Application Lifecycle Management.

It's very important to keep of your passion and take advantage of your strong point, and we'll teach you how to learn and work on edXOps® production-like projects.

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