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YOU can develop these applications by following technologies and platforms

  • Desktop Apps: Java Swing, JavaFX, Windows Forms, WPF, Delphi, Visual C++, Python, Visual FoxPro, Visual Basic 6.0, Microsoft Access.
  • Web Apps: ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core, JSP and Spring MVC, JSP and Servlet, PHP and Framework, Python, ASP 3.0, Perl, Coldfusion.
  • Database Platform: Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, NoSQL, and Cloud Databases).

edXOps® Workout Projects!

If you are a recent graduate or a newcomer of edXOps® Hybrid Bootcamp, you will be assigned a production-like project which matches to your at least strong technical skills and knowledge. What environments and platform of the project will you select and complete that relates to your learning path that helps you to achieve the goals on your career path.

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edXOps® Training Programs

Today, many employees want their companies to provide specialized training opportunities, especially a lot of junior software engineers believe that professional development is important in a career path. Therefore, they are expecting training opportunities from software development companies where they plan to join after graduation.

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Application Lifecycle Management Model

The objective of an edXOps® Hybrid Bootcamp is to allow the trainee to learn the best knowledge of the professional skills, new technologies, and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Engineering and Management Activities from a workout program. It is certain that the best practical online Bootcamp in your career path is to get involved in production-like projects.

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