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Complete FACTORS

Production-like Project with ALM Model

Complete FACTORS of a Production-like Project

Complete factors of a Production-like project is defined by different factors. They can usually be measured to determine the completion of a project. edXOps® mentor needs to inform them to the engineers after assigning tasks and before starting a Production-like product.

Production-like Project

The three major keys of complete factors that edXOps® expert team can define the completion of a project include the following, and requiring learners to adhere to.

The Iron Triangle (Scope Time Effort Cost)

  • Effort* => Team at least 02 and maximum is 06 members.
  • Time* => Maximum is 06 months and Minimum is 03 months.
  • Cost* => Excluded component in a Production-like project at Bootcamp.
  • Scope* => Based on assignments in a Production-like project for each members.

Realized Benefits

  • Product components or whole product will be reused for the other projects or to be sold on the market.

Stakeholder satisfaction

  • Product features will meet the design of business requirements.

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